EP_26659 10D9N ZAGREB 17 MAY 2023 - 15 NOV 2023

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Zagreb (Arrival)

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT: Zagreb sightseeing tour. Dinner included.

Welcome to Zagreb! Upon arrival at the airport, we shall be waiting and to transfer you to your hotel. Hotel standard check in time 2pm.

In order to participate in the panoramic tour of the city please be at the hotel reception by 1500PM.

From the hotel, panoramic tour of Zagreb with local guide, we can admire its two hills, the old quarter, the upper city and the new neighborhoods of the Croatian capital. The visit will last about two hours. You will then have free time. Dinner included.

Transfer by Airport shuttle and Europamundo coach tour
Meals Dinner
Hotel Internacional or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Zagreb - Bania Luka- Jajce - Sarajevo

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT: Sightseeing tour of Sarajevo. Dinner included.

0730AM - Zagreb Departure. We travel to Bosnia. Areas of hills and forests in the center of Croatia. Border crossing procedures entering Bosnia (sometimes they can be delayed). We travel through the region where the ruined houses tell us about the war and ethnic conflict in Bosnia in the 1990s.

Bania Luka. Arrival and time for a walk through the capital of the autonomous entity of Republika Srpska and the second largest city in Bosnia, after Sarajevo, where its boulevards and gardens as well as its fortress and orthodox cathedral stand out. We continue through densely wooded regions.

Jajce- arrival in what is perhaps the most beautiful town in Bosnia, with its cultural mix, its mosque, its fortress and its impressive waterfall. Time for a walk and lunch.

Continuation to the capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo - We include a panoramic city tour with local guide. We will talk about the conflict that existed in Bosnia and Sarajevo, we will walk through the historical center with strong Turkish influence (its bazaars, its mosques). Dinner included.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Hotel Ibis Styles or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Sarajevo - Mostar - Medjugorge - Kravice - Dubrovnik

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT: Beautiful landscapes throughout the stage: mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, picturesque villages en route. Dinner included.

0830AM Sarajevo - Departure. Very beautiful landscapes between mountains and valleys. Mostar - Free time to stroll and have lunch in this very picturesque city, its streets are full of commercial life and small restaurants. The high stone bridge separated the Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim communities.

Just 20 km away you will find: Medjugorge - A place where thousands of Catholic pilgrims come. They believe that the Virgin Mary continues to appear on the top of the mountain. Time to walk next to its main church and urban center.

Arrival in Bosnia to Kravice, breathtaking waterfalls 25/30 m high whose walls form vertical gardens surrounded by greenery and where people of Dubrovnik or Mostar usually go to bathe and relax for a picnic.

Dubrovnik - Accommodation in Katvat, on the coast near the city. Dinner included.

NOTE: From the end of October until the beginning of March, it is not possible to visit the Kravice waterfalls.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Hotel Kompas or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Dubrovnik Sightseeing

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT: Panoramic tour of Dubrovnik. Boat trip to Lokrum. Dinner included.

In the morning we enjoy a panoramic tour of DUBROVNIK with a local guide. We are undoubtedly in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, surrounded by walls, bathed by the Adriatic Sea; its intact historic center is a jewel of world architectural heritage. The tour includes tickets to the Franciscan Monastery with the oldest pharmacy in Europe, and the Cathedral.

We also include a boat trip to LOKRUM, a small island 15 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik and home to the ruins of a Benedictine monastery of the eleventh century, popular setting of the series "Game of Thrones". You can then enjoy free time, returning to the hotel at the end of the afternoon. Dinner included.

NOTE: Accommodation in Dubrovnik will be in Kavtat, a coastal town near the city. in the winter months, from November to March, there is no boat service to Lokrum and therefore we cannot visit the island.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Hotel Kompas or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Dubrovnik - Kotor - Budva - Tirana

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Beautiful scenery of the Adriatic coast. Dinner included.

0730AM We set off early for Montenegro. The coastal scenery and the Bay of Kotor are beautiful. We enjoy a ferry to cross the bay. Arrive in Kotor to enjoy some time strolling in this beautiful walled town with its strong Venetian influence.

After this we stop in Budva, a marvellous walled village surrounded by the sea to enjoy lunch (optional).

Then we travel to Albania. Arrival at the frontier and border procedures (which may sometimes be long). Time at the frontier too to have a coffee and change money. We carry on along small roads. We arrive in the capital of the Albania, Tirana, and enjoy some free time. Dinner included.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Hotel Hilton Garden Inn or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Tirana - Struga - Ohrid

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Panoramic tour of Tirana. Slow mountains roads through rural areas. Dinner included.

After breakfast, we include a panoramic tour of Tirana: The capital of Albania, with its mosques, the clock tower, the ministries. Our local guide will tell us about this small country. Free time before going on our way. (this visit may also be made in the evening on arrival in Tirana, depending on the sunlight and on the decision of the guide).

Enjoy the beautiful countryside around Lake Ohrid which forms the border with Macedonia. We continue to the Republic of Macedonia, and onto Struga, a picturesque town on the shores of the lake, time for lunch!

We continue to Ohrid, a city with a strong Ottoman influence, you can stroll and see the Plaosnik Monastery, or the ancient university founded in the ninth century. The city is declared World Heritage. Dinner included.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Hotel Metropol Lake Resort or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Ohrid - Kastoria - Meteora - Kalabaka

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Beautiful Balkan landscapes. Spectacular in the Meteora. Dinner included.

0745AM We travel to the border through regions of pleasant agricultural plains. We pass through Bitola, a historic town that was called the “city of consuls”. Stop at the frontier where we have a chance for a coffee and to change money if we need to. The north of Greece has a strong Slav and Ottoman influence and a very broken geography.

At Kastoria - The city of the 100 churches, with its mediaeval streets and pleasant restaurants beside its pretty lake. Time for a stroll and lunch. 

Continuing to Kalabaka, we will arrive Meteoras. We start our route amidst the fantastic scenery of the Meteoras which houses monasteries literally “hanging” from the rocks. We stop and visit the Mega Meteoras monastery while observing the remaining monasteries “hanging” on the rocks.    

Dinner included and accommodation in Kalabaka, a small town at the centre of the Meteoras region.

NOTE: We enter Greece (Schengen zone). Comfortable footwear to climb up to the Monastery.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Hotel Kosta Famissi or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Kalabaka - Delphi - Athens

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT: Delphi and Thessaly region.

0800AM Journey through Thessaly towards central Greece

We will arrive in Delphi after enjoying the view of wonderful landscapes. Visit and lunch (optional) at the beautiful archeological complex looking over the Gulf of Corinth offering amazing vistas.

We will resume our journey through the mountains, Mount Parnassus dominates the landscape to Athens.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Novotel Athenes or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Athens Sightseeing

TODAY´S HIGHLIGHTS: City tour in Athens. Evening transfer.

We will enjoy a panoramic tour of the city with a local guide which includes the Presidential Palace, the Panathinaikos stadium where the first modern Olympic games were held, the national library, the bustling squares of the center; the new neighborhoods that emerged after the 2004 Olympic games. The tour will end at the Acropolis site (entry not included).

In the evening we include a transfer to the Plaka quarter, a place full of small Greek taverns where you can also enjoy this country's folklore.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Novotel Athenes or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Athens (Departure)

After breakfast, end of our services. Hotel standard check out time before 11am.

Self arrangement to airport or may add in additional service (optional) for hotel-airport transfer.

Transfer (Add on Package Optional)
Meals Breakfast





Transfer : 机场班车&Europamundo游览车
Meals : 晚餐
Hotel : Internacional 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表
萨格勒布 - Bania Luka- Jajce - 萨拉热窝



Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐,晚餐
Hotel : Ibis Styles 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表
萨拉热窝 - 莫斯塔尔 - 梅久戈耶 - 克拉维斯 - 杜布罗夫尼克


上午8点30分 – 从萨拉热窝出发。沿途欣赏山脉和山谷之间的动人美景。



离开梅久戈耶,我们将抵达波斯尼亚的克拉维斯。那里有25 - 30米高得令人惊叹的瀑布,它的墙壁已经形成了被绿色植物环绕的垂直花园,杜布罗夫尼克和莫斯塔尔的居民通常去那里野餐、洗澡和放松。



Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐,晚餐
Hotel : Kompas或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表


杜布罗夫尼克 – 早上,我们将在当地导游的带领下,展开杜布罗夫尼克之旅。毫无疑问,我们是在欧洲最美丽的城市之一:亚得里亚海,四周都环绕着城墙和岩石。我们将乘坐缆车,从山顶上我们可以欣赏到这个城市最美的景色。在那之后,我们将步行去了解当地的历史中心,是世界建筑遗产的一颗宝石。行程也包括参观杜布罗夫尼克大教堂和圣方济会修道院,在那里也有欧洲最古老的药房。



Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐,晚餐
Hotel : Kompas或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表
杜布罗夫尼克 - 科托尔 - 布德瓦 - 地拉那





Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐,晚餐
Hotel : Hilton Garden Inn或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表
地拉那 - 斯特鲁加 - 奥赫里德





Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐,晚餐
Hotel : Metropol Lake Resort 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表
奥赫里德 - 卡斯托里亚 - 梅特奥拉 - 卡兰巴卡

今日亮点:美丽的巴尔干半岛风景,天空之城 &今晚的晚餐包括在内。






Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐,晚餐
Hotel : Kosta Famissi 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表
卡兰巴卡 - 德尔菲 - 雅典





Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Novotel Athenes 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表



午后,我们将提供午后接送到普拉卡区,这里能找到希腊的小酒馆。普拉卡是雅典古老的历史街区,有着迷宫般的狭窄街道和新古典主义建筑,被称为“神的邻里” 。你可以享受这个国家的民间传说并自费享用浪漫的晚餐。

Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Novotel Athenes 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店列表



Transfer : (可额外安排)
Meals : 早餐
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Trip Inclusive
  • 9 nights accommodation: Zagreb (1N), Sarajevo (1N), Dubrovnik (2N), Tirana (1N), Ohrid (1N), Kalabaka (1N) and Athens (2N)
  • Daily breakfasts and 7 x Dinners
  • City tour in: Zagreb, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Tirana and Athens
  • Evening transfer: Plaka neighborhood in Athens
  • Ticket admission: Jajce Waterfall, Tunnel of Hope in Sarajevo, Franciscan Monastery and Cathedra in Dubrovnik, Delphi archeological complex
  • Ferry: In Kotor Bay
  • Boat: to Lokrum island in Dubrovnik
  • English speaking guide and separate driver, travel by air-conditioned coach
  • Airport transfers are provided on arrival
Trip Exclude
  • International and/or Domestic air ticket
  • Personal Expenses and Travel Insurance
  • Lunches, dinners, morning and afternoon tea, boat cruises unless specified
  • No Compulsary Tipping - If you feel your Tour Guide and Driver has delivered an outstanding level of service throughout your trip you may wish to tip them.
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Transfer on departure to Athens airport per way for 2 or 3 person 818.72 -
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