Recognized as Malaysia’s first interactive travel portal, 12FLY introduces a fresh change in travel lifestyle. As part of Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel’s expansion in the travel industry, the platform was formed to cover all issues faced by travel-loving Malaysians. Gone are the days of complicated vacation preparations, troublesome flight bookings and unscrupulous travel agents. 

Featuring a variety of value-added services, from hassle-free bookings to up-to-date and attractive packages and an easily-accessible informative portal, 12FLY answers all travel inconveniences or queries faced by would-be travellers. Our site is also constantly updated by our efficient staff to ensure a smooth transition for Malaysians preparing for their vacations. 12FLY website services underwent a complete face-lift in 2016 bringing together a new look, new system and also the added feature of self-services, allowing a faster and easier way to customize an exciting travel!

As part of the updates, our website will also feature the all-new Lifestyle section; the perfect information-filled platform which will allow users to stay up-to-date in their topics of interest. Visitors can get the latest scoop and highlights on various categories i.e. Travel, Fashion & Beauty, Food, Tech & Gadget, News & Entertainment and Contests anytime, thus offering them an enriching experience when visiting the 12FLY website while also providing them with relevant travel-related information. And for those who are unsure on how to explore the site, worry not as we have some friends to help you out! Get to know our 12FLY Travel Buddies, Ding Ding and Ning Ning, where they will guide you through the site while helping you to plan for your next vacation.

And to keep up with the times while consistently ensuring travel is easily accessible for all travelers, 12FLY introduced its Travel App Newsstand. An all-in-one interactive travel application, the app offers a plethora of travel information, such as famous attractions and landmarks, travel arrangement including flight information, travel tips and deals.

12FLY 是全马第一个互动旅游平台,为旅游业开拓新的视野。

一站式的互动旅游平台,简单易懂以及走在时尚旅游尖端的预定服务系统,吸引力超强的旅游配套,和齐全易找的旅游资讯,12FLY为您揭开一切关于旅游的迷思与疑问。我们拥有专业人员每天负责更新网站消息,确保旅客们都能第一时间掌握最新颖的旅游资讯,方便准备旅游事宜。12FLY 网站在2016年迎来全新设计的网站页面,为大家带来崭新的气息,预定系统,自行服务事项,让所有的旅游计划都变成一个专属的行程以及充满惊喜旅游经验。

为了更贴近大家,我们全新的网站增设了Lifestyle 栏目,一个最全面的资讯平台,让大家能够在自己喜爱的主题里与时并进. 浏览网站者可从这里得到关于旅游,时尚,美容,食物,科技发展以及新闻与娱乐的最新消息。网站不时还会有一些比赛环节,让大家浏览网站至于,还可以充分体验网站给大家带来的新互动,更进一步了解旅游的真谛。如果您还不懂得如何浏览12FLY网站,别担心,我们已经准备好专业人员随时为您服务。大家一起和12FLY旅游好伴侣,叮叮咛咛做朋友吧!他们会指引大家如何使用这网站来策划您的旅程。

12FLY为了更方便大家得到旅游新资讯,还特地制作了Travel App新闻架。一站式的互动旅游应用程式,囊括了多不胜数的旅游资讯,旅游胜地和各国地标简介,旅游行程规划,航空与航班资讯,旅游贴士和超值优惠等。

ONE STOP TRAVEL CENTRE! Easy, click & book now….. 一站式的旅游网站, 一起登录吧!

  GROUND: The Ground section gives a clearer explanation of the supporting ground packages around the world by providing itineraries, prices and allowing travelers to plan favorable routes as well as choosing accommodations. Be it the affordable type or a five-star luxurious journey, 12fly.com.my has it all!

地接配套: Ground 栏目让您清楚了解世界各地的地接配套实际行程和价格计算,也让您自己选择想要走的路线和住宿,无论是经济实惠型还是五星级豪华的旅程,12fly.com.my 都一一为您准备妥当!
    FLIGHT: Promotional flights! Ticket sales! Ticket sales! All sorts of ticket promotional activities will appear in the Flights section right here! Just tune in to 12fly.com.my and receive more information on various airlines ticketing promotional activities. Make comparison; get the most favorable, best value travel tickets right here!

特价机票: 机票促销!机票促销!机票促销!无论是大大或小小的机票促销活动都会出现在Flights 栏目里面!只要您一直留意12fly.com.my 的动向,都能够及时收到关于任何航空公司推出的机票促销活动,唯一的目的就是让您能够直接在这里做比较和购买最优惠最超值的旅游机票!
    HOTEL: Through 12fly.com.my Hotels’ section, bookings of ones’ favorite B&B (breakfast and bed) or Inn will be just a few clicks away. Also, attached are the full Inn profiles, pictures, locations, room pricing as well as star ratings, not to mention a direct link to Trip Advisor’s review page providing guidance and information before proceeding with bookings.

全球酒店: 通过12fly.com.my 的Hotels 栏目,您可以随意订购自己喜欢的民宿或旅店,而且这里还附上旅店简介,图片,地理位置,和房价, 更有星级计算和直接连接到Trip Advisor用户对于旅店的点评页面,让您在绝对了解旅店的情况之后,才直接进行订购活动。
    CRUISE: 12fly.com.my Cruise section offering special values and deals on cruise packages and vacations. Cruises are known for being nearly all-inclusive: the cruise price often includes most dining options, accommodations, port fees, onboard cruise activities, entertainment, and more. 12fly Cruise section partnered with world third largest cruise operator & represents casual luxury in cruising, through beautiful cruise ships and top-of-the-line cruise travel amenities.

邮轮专家: 世界之大,步行怎么能游走全世界呢?坐上邮轮一起看世界绝对令您有一番新感受!12fly.com.my 邮轮专家会为特别的您们安排最特别的邮轮行程,从邮轮配套,住宿,餐点,娱乐甚至地接一日逍遥游,应有尽有, 只要您愿意用滑鼠轻轻点击邮轮专家,一定会有让您意想不到的收获
    EXCURSION: An extraordinary travel route! Excursion should be in your traveling plan besides air tickets and accommodation, if you want to have a complete vacation! 12fly.com.my Excursion section offering a unique way to arrange your daily schedule when you travel, from airport- hotel transfer, half day sightseeing to one full day tour are just at your fingertips!

一日逍遥:逍遥自在一日游,让您在一天之内游遍各大小旅游胜地,也让您在一天之内收获圆满,12fly.com.my 最注重的是,您的逍遥,您的自在,一日逍遥亦可以让您发挥自己的探险精神,来一次大胆地策划专属于自己的行程吧!
    INSURANCE: Friendly reminder to all travelers, safety is as equally important. All necessary arrangements should be made to secure a happy travel. Hence, 12fly.com.my has set up an insurance section that provides travel insurance explanatory with direct purchase made available. 12fly.com.my cares about your safety and wellbeing.

旅游保险: 请记得,旅游也必须注意安全,必须对自身的安全做出绝对的保障。所以,12fly.com.my 设定了Insurance 栏目,让您对旅游保险有一定的了解,然后再直接购买旅游保险!这就是12fly.com.my 最贴心以及关心您之处。
    AMUSEMENT: Theme Park! Theme Park! Exciting and Entertaining! Promotional Amusement Park Ticket are all under the Amusement section, tune into the world of amusement via 12fly.com.my, that always surprises you all year round!

主题公园:世界各地的主题公园可说是玲琅满目,却只有在12fly.com.my 可以让你对世界各地的主题公园一目了然, 无论是票价,地理位置,公园详情,接送,都可以让您一一了解,更难能可贵的是,主题公园栏目还增设了直接购买主题乐园票务的链接,旅客可以直接点击购买如门票,让您的旅游行程简单又轻松!
    CAR: Quality Cars! Online Rates! Simple Reservations! Reserve a rental car from 12fly.com.my Car section and get a great rate online. Find out how easy it is to book a hybrid, convertible or luxury car today. Hassle free all time!

汽车出租:想要好好体验当地真正的生活,开车绝对是最好的办法,两个人一部车,一边看着gps,一边发掘新事物,纵然会迷路,却也能寻找到到达目的地最好的道路,12fly.com.my 提供最好的汽车出租配套,无论何时何地,汽车出租没问题!
    COACH: 12fly.com.my COACH in collaboration with Malaysia largest express bus ticket center, providing online booking of luxurious coaches and express buses tickets from Singapore to and from Malaysia and within Malaysia itself. With more than 5500 departures per day to various parts of Malaysia and Singapore, are more than 1000 departure locations and destinations.

长途车票:工作已经够劳累了,不想开车游玩没关系,世界上还有一种叫做长途车的交通工具!踏上长途车,丢下背包,翻开窗帘,一样可以看见车外的风景,一样迷人,长途车票栏目为您解开眼花缭乱的烦恼,让您直接选择要到达的目的地,票价和时间表就会一一呈现在您眼前, 让您好好过目!


RAIL: Traveling by train will enhance your entire travel experience: no airport hassles or wasted time, and more leisurely gourmet dining as you gaze through panoramic windows while being whisked from city center to city center. 12fly.com.my offers you the best Rail Pass packages at all time! Japan Rail Pass, KTX, Taiwan High Speed Train and etc are all on their way to serve you better at 12fly.com.my!