9天8夜 维也纳, 布达佩斯, 布拉格, 法兰克福 & 阿姆斯特丹
EP_26525 9D8N VIENNA 07 APR 2023 - 29 MAR 2024

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Vienna (Arrival)

Welcome to Vienna. On arrival at the airport we shall be waiting to transfer you to the hotel.

Hotel standard check in time 3pm. You can enjoy free time until your tour starts, information about the meeting place and start time can be found on the information boards in the hotel reception area.

NOTE: IF YOU REQUESTED ADDITIONAL NIGHTS on arrival at the hotel you will have your booking made but the guide of your trip will normally not arrive until the start of the included activities. YOUR TIME BEFORE THIS MOMENT IS THEREFORE FREE. At your hotel they can help you with all the information you need. | The schedules you will find in this itinerary are approximate. The guide, depending on the situation and in order to improve the development of the circuit, may adjust the schedules.    

Transfer by Airport shuttle
Hotel Ibis Vienna Airport or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Vienna Sightseeing

TODAYS HIGHLIGHTS: Vienna city tour. Gardens of the immense Schön­brunn Palace. Evening transfer.

0900AM - Vienna start with a scenic sightseeing tour of Vienna to know the most important places of interest including the Opera, the Museum of Fine Arts and Natural History, Parliament, the Royal Theatre, City Hall and the University. Passing by the Church of San Carlos, we arrive to the Belvedere Palace where we will walk through the gardens from where we are offered a fabulous view of the city. (If the English-speaking group has fewer than fifteen people, the tour can be conducted in both English and Spanish).

Directly afterwards, we head the Schönbrunn Palace where visitors can stroll around and enjoy its beautiful gardens.

In the evening we go to the City Hall Square to enjoy the lighting and the nightlife in the neighbouring streets, and where we will have dinner with cuisines from around the world (including Austrian, Chinese, Indian and Italian). Return to hotel.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Ibis Vienna Airport or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Vienna - Budapest

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Cruise on the Danube, city tour of Budapest, evening transfer.

0830AM Vienna – Departure following the course of the Danube to Hungary. We have a little under a 3-hours- trip to Budapest.

Budapest – Arrival. Relax and discover the city on a boat tour along the Danube river; the views of the city and parliament are impressive. Time for lunch after the tour.

Guided tour of the “Queen of the Danube” lasting three hours. Visit to the two areas of the city that are separated by the Danube: with historic "Buda" on one side and cosmopolitan "Pest" on the opposite bank. We will know the elegant Pest quarter, the city’s administrative, commercial and leisure district and Heroes’ Square, the Parliament, the Opera House and the elegant boulevards; and the historical Hill of Buda with St. Matthew’s Cathedral, the Fisherman’s Bastion and Habsburg Palace.

Leisure time after the tour.

At sunset, there will be time at the end of the day in the lively area of VACI UTCA, where there are lots of little restaurants with food from different countries (Indian, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian). Return to hotel .

NOTE: If the number of passengers in very small, the journey can be made by train.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Lions Garden or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Budapest - Bratislava - Prague

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS. Time to explore Bratislava. Czech landscapes. Evening transfer in Prague.

0730AM - Departure from Budapest. Bratislava, we will get to the capital of Slovakia and a city alongside the Danube with an attractive historic centre. Time to see the city and have lunch.

We well leave Bratislava to continue on our way to the Czech Republic.

Approx 1830PM - Prague, arrival in the evening and transfer to the Old Town Square. This central location is full of energy and touristic activities. It’s a marvellous place to acquaint ourselves with Prague. Several restaurants offering cuisines from around the world will be waiting to delight your taste buds, including Czech, Chinese, Indian and Italian. Return to hotel.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Panorama or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Prague Sightseeing

Today’s highlights: City tour of Prague. Visit to Castle. Boat tour along the river Vltava. Evening transfer.

0745AM Comprehensive tour, Lasting three hours and a half The tour starts off from the “Castel Quarter” (admission included), the political, religious and monumental centre of the capital, and the cathedral, the palaces and viewpoints over the “city of the 100 towers” and explains the history of the country. We then continue our walk through the “Small City” or “Malastrana Quarter”, the city’s Baroque jewel, to the famous “Charles Bridge”.

The city tour is followed by a monumental cruise on the river Vltava.

Free afternoon to continue exploring the city.

In the evening, we enjoy time in the historic city centre and there will be an opportunity for you to enjoy cuisines from around the world. Return to hotel. 

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Panorama or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Prague - Pilsen- Rothemburg - Frankfurt

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Romantic trip through Germany.

0730AM Prague – Departure from Prague on our way to Germany.

Pilsen Arrival - We will have some time to visit this city located in the region of Western Bohemia which is renowned for its beers. Time for a walk through its historic center where we find the Great Square, the cathedral, the Plague Column and a Renaissance-era town hall or to sit at one of its many breweries.

We will travel to Germany to explore a section of the "Romantic Road". Rothenburg - Arrival in this fairytale-like city, considered one of the most beautiful towns in the country - Time to have a stroll through its medieval old town and to have lunch.

Frankfurt - Arrival-This is considered the financial capital of not only Germany but, also, the EU. Free time in the historic city center where there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from (from Indian cuisine to Oriental, Italian, international and so on). Transfer to the hotel.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Niu Mood or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Frankfurt - Cruise on the Rhine - Cologne - Amsterdam

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Rhine cruise included.

0800AM Frankfurt –Departure. Rudesheim Arrival A stroll through this very picturesque village near the Rhine known for all its taverns. We embark on a cruise that last about an hour and forty-five minutes. We discover what it is considered the most beautiful area of the Rhine Valley, drawing medieval villages, castles, vineyards, hills, small churches. Expected departure of the cruise at 10.15 (schedule can be modified).

St. Goar – Arrival and continuation of our route. Cologne – Free time to have lunch and to stroll through the city center with its huge Gothic cathedral and its elegant bridges over the Rhine.

Cologne –Departure for Amsterdam through great planes.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Park Plaza Airport or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Amsterdam - Zaanse Schans - Volendam - Amsterdam

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Picturesque typical village of Volendam. Boat on the IJsselmeer lake. City tour of Amsterdam.

0800AM Amsterdam –Departure. Zaanse Schans, Arrival to this open-air park of iconic traditional windmills typical from the Dutch landscape, that together with its warehouses and workshops show us what life was like in the 18th century. Time to take some photos of their mills and their typical houses.

Volendam – Arrival to this very picturesque fishing village. Time to walk.

From Volendam, on a short boat trip on the Jsselmeer lake we will go to Marken. Marken arrival to this island that was united to the mainland by a fixed dike, their houses were built on stilts. Time for a stroll.

Return to Amsterdam. Arrival and time to have lunch in the centre before starting a comprehensive tour with a local guide, lasting for two hours. Coach trip that passes through Dam Square with the Town Hall and Royal Palace, the canals and their marvellous bridges, the river Amstel and the floating houses. The tour ends in the Museum Quarter, in one of the famous workshops where we will see a diamond-cutting exhibition.

Transfer to the Red Light District, with its liberal values and its many restaurants from all corners of the world. It is very likely that you have heard about this neighborhood.  Free time to find somewhere to dine. Return to hotel about 2200PM.

Transfer by Europamundo coach
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Park Plaza Airport or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Amsterdam (Departure)

After breakfast, end of our services.

Self arrangement to airport or may add in additional service (optional) for hotel-airport transfer.

Transfer (Add on Package Optional)
Meals Breakfast




Transfer : 机场班车
Hotel : Ibis Vienna Airport 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店提供列表

今日亮点:维也纳城市之旅 - 巨大的美泉宫及其花园 - 傍晚接送

上午九点 – 展开维也纳城市之旅,了解当地主要的名胜古迹,包括国家歌剧院、美术和自然历史博物馆、国会大厦、皇家剧院、市政厅以及大学。经过教堂,我们将抵达丽城宫。穿过花园,从那里,我们可以看到城市的美景。(如果讲解以英文为主的旅游团少于15人,将会由英语兼西班牙语的导游带领游览)。



Transfer : 巴士
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Ibis Vienna Airport 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店提供列表
维也纳 - 布达佩斯

今日亮点:乘船游多瑙河 - 布达佩斯城市之旅 – 傍晚接送

上午八点半 维也纳 – 出发至多瑙河然后乘船前往匈牙利。用时大约三小时至布达佩斯。

抵达布达佩斯 – 你将乘船在多瑙河上游览,放松和发觉这个城市;城市和国会大厦的景色令人印象深刻。游览结束后,享用午餐。





Transfer : 巴士
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Lions Garden 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店提供列表
布达佩斯 - 布拉迪斯拉发 - 布拉格

今日亮点:探索布拉迪斯拉发 – 捷克风景 – 傍晚转移至布拉格

上午七点半 – 从布达佩斯出发。布拉迪斯拉发是斯洛伐克的首都,也是多瑙河沿岸的一个城市,有着迷人的历史中心。接着,边欣赏城市,边享用午餐。



Transfer : 巴士
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Panorama 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店提供列表

今日亮点:布拉格城市之旅 - 参观城堡 – 船游伏尔塔瓦尔河 – 傍晚接送

上午七点四十五分 – 将全面游览布拉格,时长大约三小时半。游览将从“布拉格城堡”(包含入门票)开始,首都的政治、宗教和纪念碑中心,接着大教堂,宫殿和俯瞰“百塔之城”的视角,然后讲解关于这个国家的历史。之后,我们继续步行穿过“小城市”或“马拉斯特拉纳区”,从巴洛克风格的珠宝到著名的“查理大桥”。




Transfer : 巴士
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Panorama 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店提供列表
布拉格 - - 法兰克福

今日亮点:沿途欣赏美丽的风景 – 丘陵 – 风景如画的村庄

上午七点半 – 从布拉格出发前往德国。



Transfer : 巴士
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Niu Mood 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店提供列表
法兰克福 - 船游莱茵河 - 科隆 - 阿姆斯特丹


上午八时 – 法兰克福出发。抵达吕德斯海姆后,您将在这个风景如画的小村庄里漫步,这里的小酒馆也是远近驰名。接着,我们展开一小时四十五分钟的船游。我们也将从中世纪的村庄、城堡、葡萄园、小山到小教堂中,发现它被认为是莱茵河域最美丽的地方。预计离港时间为上午十点十五分 (随时调整)。


离开科隆 – 我们将乘车前往阿姆斯特丹。

Transfer : 巴士
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Park Plaza Airport 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店提供列表
阿姆斯特丹 - 赞斯堡风车村 - 福伦丹 - 阿姆斯特丹

今日亮点:欣赏风景如画的典型村庄——赞斯堡风车村 – 船游艾瑟尔湖 - 阿姆斯特丹城市之旅

上午八点 – 阿姆斯特丹出发。赞斯堡风车村——我们将抵达这个具有标志性的露天传统风车公园,这些风车是典型的荷兰景观,它连同它的仓库和工房向我们展示了十八世纪的生活是什么样的。是时候拍些磨坊和典型房子的照片了。

接着将前往福伦丹 – 这是一个风景如画的渔村。您可以在那里漫步感受。




Transfer : 巴士
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Park Plaza Airport 或同级。请向我们查询完整酒店提供列表



Transfer : (请参阅下方附加列表选项)
Meals : 早餐
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  • Daily buffet breakfast
  • City tour in: Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Amsterdam
  • Ticket admission: Prague Castle and Diamond Cutting Workshop in Amsterdam
  • Boat Trip: Danube River in Budapest, Vltava River in Prague , Cruise on the Rhine , I Jsselmeer lake from Voledam to Marken
  • Evening transfer: City Hall Square in Vienna, Vaci Utca in Budapest, Old Town Square in Prague, Rembrandplein in Amsterdam
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