9天8晚经典罗马, 锡耶纳, 圣吉米尼亚诺, 佛罗伦斯, 比萨, 五渔村, 热那亚, 米兰
EP_26700 9D8N ROME 05 APR 2023 - 27 MAR 2024

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  • Children under 3 years discount 80%, Children from 3 to 8 years discount 40% and Children from 9 to 15 years discount 10%
  • Discount 5% for Repeat Travellers, Travellers over 65 years and Honeymooners

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Recommended for groups of friends, families or for people who, because of their health conditions, can be considered people from a high-risk group.

  • Prepared for groups of 2 to 7 people.
  • Taken in a van driven by your tour guide.
  • With the same itinerary and services as the catalogue tour but with small modifications (see general conditions)

Terms & Conditions apply.

Rome (Arrival)

Welcome to Rome!

Upon airport arrival, we shall be waiting to transport you to your hotel. You will receive information for the start of your circuit in the afternoon or this will be on the informative signs in the hotel reception.

NOTE: IF YOU REQUESTED ADDITIONAL NIGHTS on arrival at the hotel you will have your booking made but the guide of your trip will normally not arrive until the start of the included activities. YOUR TIME BEFORE THIS MOMENT IS THEREFORE FREE AT OWN LEISURE. At your hotel they can help you with all the information you need. | The schedules you will find in this itinerary are approximate. The guide, depending on the situation and in order to improve the development of the circuit, may adjust the schedules.

Transfer by Airport shuttle
Hotel Ergife or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Rome Sightseeing

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT: City tour of Rome and Vatican City. Night transfer to Trastevere area.

In the morning, we have a 2 hrs  scenic tour of the city, which will be a great introduction to “The Eternal city”. In the panoramic you will know the ancient Rome called Imperial Rome: Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Piazza di Venezia with its monument to Italian unification, Quirinal Hill with the Palace of the President of the Republic, Marcelo Theater, Capitol Hill, Roman Forums , Circus Maximus, Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin with the mouth of truth, Republican Temple, Termas de Caracalla, Aureliana Wall, Basilica di Santa María Maggiore and  Archbasilica of St. Johm Lateran, Church of Santa María in Dominica (Navicella), Cestia Pyramid , San Paolo Gate, Lungo Tevere avenue with the Jewish synagogue of Babylonian style, Tiberina Island in front of the Castel St. Angelo. This tour ends at St. Peter´s Square in the Vatican. The Vatican Museums are closed on Sundays, so, if you are interested, we recommend you to do it at this time. Afternoon at own leisure. 

1830PM In the evening we provide transport to the Trastevere area, where you will find restaurants serving Italian, Indian, Chinese and interna­tional food. Return to hotel.

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Ergife or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels

The day at leisure to rest and relax or explore the city of Rome further.

Meals Breakfast
Hotel Ergife or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Rome - Orvieto - Castiglione del Lago - Siena

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT: Tuscany region with hills and very picturesque villages. City tour off Orvieto.

0730AM We leave Rome northbound for Umbria to discover the beautiful region of Tuscany.

We will visit Orvieto, the medieval city on top a mountain. Before entering the city, we will enjoy the impressive view from its viewpoint. Following this, with a local guide and on the system of escalators and ramps, we enter the promontory to see the facade of its cathedral. After the tour enjoy some free time.

We travel on to Castiglione del lago, on the banks of Lake Trasimeno, where we have time for a stroll and lunch.

After lunch we go on to Siena. Arrival in this magnificent artistic city that bears witness to mediaeval times. Free time in the centre to enjoy its narrow streets, its towers and palaces, its famous Piazza del Campo and its Cathedral before going to the hotel.

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Executive or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Siena - Monteriggioni - San Gimignano - Florence


0830AM  We leave Siena and make a stop to see Monteriggione, a magical medieval little village with cobbled streets, walls, and little shops.

After this we continue to San Gimignano - A charming small town with its high mediaeval towers and its magnificent perfectly preserved mediaeval centre. Time to have a stroll and for lunch.

After lunch, we travel to Florence. We stop to take a photo from the Michelangelo viewpoint, where we get one of the most beautiful views of the city.

NOTE: We suggest that people more interested in art should (today) visit the Uffizi Gallery (one of the most important museums in Italy) or the Galería de la Academia (with the original David masterpiece of Michelangelo), magnificent museums that closes on Mondays.

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Italiana Hotel or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Florence Sightseeing

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT: City tour of Florence

0900AM We include a visit with a local guide to Florence, one of the most famous cities of art and history in the world, and make a walking tour of the historic centre. Approximate duration two hours.    

You will have a lot of free time today, in which we suggest you stroll through the artistic centre of the city visiting the Ponte Veccio with its commercial galleries, its elegant squares, etc.

Transfer by Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Italiana Hotel or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Florence - Pisa - Cinque Terre - Genoa

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT: Wonderful Ligurian coast. Pisa. Train to Cinque Terre.

0730AM Depart Florence and continue our journey towards PISA. On a little tourist train we will travel to the Piazza Dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles), where there will be time to admire one, the well known Leaning Tower of Pisa.

After this we head to the Ligurian Coast, with some of the prettiest coastlines in Europe. We will visit the Cinque Terre which has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. It comprises of five villages, almost isolated by road, which live on fishing and tourism. Given the difficult access by road, we go by train, with a ticket to Vernazza, which maintains its appearance of a citadel, with its outstanding Church of Santa Margarita built in 1318, overlooking the sea. Time to take some lunch.

Afterwards we travel by train to Levanto, where we re-join the coach to continue to Genoa – The city where Christopher Columbus was born, time to see its monumental centre.  

NOTE: The train to Cinqueterre is a regular local railway service and not a tourist service. Places cannot be booked and sometimes the trains are full and passengers have to travel standing.(The councils of Cinqueterre have announced that they will establish measures to limit the maximum number of tourists arriving each day; to date there have been no limitations on our groups but given this new measure, we might be affected at the peak of tourist times. If this should happen, an alternative visit will be offered). 

Transfer by Train and Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Tower Genova Airport or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Genoa - Santa Margarita - Portofino - Milan

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT: Boat trip to Portofino.

0830AM Depart Genoa, we will continue our journey to the nearby city of Santa Margarita Ligure. We on board for a 20-minute crossing to Portofino, one of the most exclusive places in Europe. Time in Portofino, a beautiful town. 

We return to Rapallo, a very pleasant coastal town. Time to have a stroll and for lunch. 

After lunch, we continue to Milan, the busy northern city in which we recommend a visit to the cathedral.

NOTE: Due to weather conditions in winter, sometimes the boat to Portofino does not operate, in which case access will be by urban microbus (poor quality service, sometimes long waits.)

Transfer by Boat & Europamundo coach tour
Meals Breakfast
Hotel NH Milano 2 or similar. Please check with us for a full list of planned hotels
Milan (Departure)

After breakfast, end of our services. Hotel standard check out time 11am.

Self arrangement to airport or may add in additional service (optional) for hotel-airport transfer.

Remark/Note: You can take for tour option 3 - Tour continue to Verona on Day 9, overnight and tour end at Venice on Day 11. Check with us for the programs itinerary and tour price for Tour Code: 26699_The Essential of Italy.

Transfer (Add on Package Optional)
Meals Breakfast

欢迎来到罗马! 到达机场后,我们将送往到您的酒店。您将会收到关于有关会合地点以及行程开始时间的信息或者在酒店接待处的信息栏上找到。


Transfer : 机场班车
Hotel : Ergife 或同级。 请向我们查询完整酒店列表



傍晚6:30,我们将提供前往特拉斯特弗雷地区的交通服务,您会在这里找到意大利,印度,中国和其他国际美食餐厅。 返回酒店。

Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Ergife 或同级。 请向我们查询完整酒店列表

全日自由在罗马市的永恒之城 您可以借此机会参观欧洲最古老的城市之一。

Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Ergife 或同级。 请向我们查询完整酒店列表
罗马 - 奥维多 - Castiglione del Lago - 锡耶纳




接着我们将前往特拉西梅诺湖畔的Castiglione del lago,在那里有时间散步和午餐。


Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Executive 或同级。 请向我们查询完整酒店列表
锡耶纳 - 蒙特里久尼 - 圣吉米尼亚诺 - 佛罗伦斯



接着将前往圣吉米尼亚诺 - 这是一个迷人的小镇,拥有高耸的中世纪塔楼和保存完好的壮丽的中世纪中心。此时可以散散步和吃午饭了。

午餐后,将出发到佛罗伦斯。一路上我们会停在Michelangelo 观点拍照,在那里我们可以欣赏到城市最美丽的景色。


Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Italiana 酒店或同级。 请向我们查询完整酒店列表


早上9点我们将与当地导游一起参观佛罗伦萨,佛罗伦萨是世界上最著名的艺术和历史名城之一,并对历史中心进行徒步旅行。 参观时间大约两个小时。


Transfer : Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Italiana 酒店或同级。 请向我们查询完整酒店列表
佛罗伦斯 - 比萨 - 五渔村 - 热那亚


早上7:30离开佛罗伦萨,继续我们的比萨之旅。 乘坐小火车,我们将前往奇迹广场(Piazza Dei Miracoli)(奇迹广场),在那里您将有时间欣赏一个著名的比萨斜塔。

之后,我们前往利古里亚海岸,那里有欧洲最美丽的海岸线。 我们将参观被宣布为联合国教科文组织世界遗产的五渔村。它由五个村庄组成,这些村庄几乎都被公路隔开,以捕鱼和旅游为生。由于公路难以通行所以我们乘搭火车前往,带着维纳扎的车票,维纳扎保持了城堡的外观,其杰出的圣玛格丽塔教堂建于1318年,俯瞰大海。午餐时间。


Transfer : 火车和Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早餐
Hotel : Tower Genova Airport 或同级。 请向我们查询完整酒店列表
热那亚 - 圣玛格丽塔 - 波托菲诺 - 米兰


早上8:30离开热那亚,我们将继续前往附近的圣玛格丽塔利古雷市。 我们乘船20分钟即可到达欧洲最独特的地方之一波托菲诺。 逗留在美丽的小镇波托菲诺。

我们返回拉帕洛,一个非常宜人的沿海城市。 又到了散步和午餐时间了。



Transfer : 船和Europamundo游览车
Meals : 早安
Hotel : NH Milano 2 或同级。 请向我们查询完整酒店列表



备注:建议你选择option 3 - 在第9天继续前往维罗纳住一晚,第11天游览威尼斯。如有兴趣请与我们联系以了解计划行程和旅游价格(Tour Code: 26699)

Transfer : 请查看optional添加送机服务
Meals : 早餐
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Trip Inclusive
  • 8 nights accommodation: Rome (3N), Siena (1N), Florence (2N), Genoa (1N) and Milan (1N)
  • Daily breakfast
  • City tour in: Rome, Orvieto and Florence
  • Evening transfer: Trastevere in Rome
  • Train: to the monumental field of Miracles in Pisa and Cinque Terre region
  • Ferry: Sta Margarita de Ligure / Portofino
  • English speaking guide and separate driver, travel by air-conditioned coach
  • Airport transfers are provided on arrival
Trip Exclude
  • International and/or Domestic air ticket
  • Personal Expenses and Travel Insurance
  • Lunches, dinners, morning and afternoon tea, boat cruises, visit and entrance fees other than those specified on trip pages.
  • No Compulsary Tipping - If you feel your Tour Guide and Driver has delivered an outstanding level of service throughout your trip you may wish to tip them.
  • Travel Insurance
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Transfer on departure to Milan (MXP) airport per way for 2 or 3 person 977.44 -
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  • Deposit for this package is minimum MYR 1500.00 per person.
Package Remarks
  • General travel period: April 2023 until March 2024 - Selected Wednesday only.
  • Single Traveller save by pairing up with a fellow traveller (of the same gender) in a non-smoking, twin room. Pay for a Single Share Room, with no single supplement.
  • Package Tour operated by Europamundo Vacations on seat-in-coach basic. Please log in at www.europamundo.com for up-to-date itinerary.
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