The Kingdom of Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation bordered by Vietnam to the east, Laos to the north, Thailand to the northwest, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest. No one knows for certain how long people have lived in what is now Cambodia, as studies of its prehistory are undeveloped. A carbon-l4 dating from a cave in northwestern Cambodia suggests that people using stone tools lived in the cave as early as 4000BC, and rice has been grown on Cambodian soil since well before the 1st Century AD. The first Cambodians likely arrived long before either of these dates. They probably migrated from the north, although nothing is known about their language or their way of life.

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Capital City: Phnom Penh
Clouds and sun Saturday
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Siem Reap
Phnom Penh


View sunset at Bakheng Hill
Wander through the temple famed for ‘Tomb Raider’
Boating at Tonle Sap Lake
Eat Fish Amok
'Flying Carpet' at Battambang
Discover Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
Visit The Royal Palace
Dare to try ‘Balut’ ='(
Discover Killing Field
Island Hopping to Koh Rong
Watching a fine Apsara Dance
Shop at Russia Market
Riding a ‘Tuk-Tuk’
Admire the Angkor Wat
Bite the deep fried ‘Insects’
Take a bowl of Kuy Teav
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