Known as ‘The Land of Grace’, Perak was once a wealthy tin-mining state. Its name, meaning ‘silver’, is believed to have been derived from the tin-ore deposits that were once abundant in this state. Today, it greets visitors with a wealth of unique attractions and cultures. Among Perak’s delightful cornucopia of wonders are intriguing cave temples, the country’s oldest museum, Malaysia’s very own Leaning Tower and the country’s rst night safari.

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A thunderstorm Monday evening
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Glamping in the middle of Rocks Jungle
Caving in Gua Tempurung
Touch the luxe at Banjaran Hot Spring Retreat
Haunting Kellie’s Castle
Leaning With Tower at Teluk Intan
Go Pulau Pangkor
Eat Chicken 'Sar Hor Fun' with Bean Sprouts
Hunt Rafflesia at Royal Belum State Park
Must Buy & Eat Curry Chicken Bread
Night Safari Tour at Taiping Zoo
Tea-time with Funny Mountain 'Tao Fu Fah'
Museuming Ipoh Han Chin Pet Soo
Must Eat Mee Udang Mak Jah
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